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Sep 1, 2018
In an effort to promote transparency and community involvement, JustParrot.com will actually try to keep our viewership in the loop on upcoming projects. In this section, we'll be attempting to tell you what articles are coming up and about when they'll drop.

We love feedback so keep the suggestions coming!

Upcoming Content from Arrick:

All Basic Info Pages will be dropping in the next 7 days (Estimated 9/9/18).

-Basic Info Page: African Grey
-Basic Info Page: Amazon
-Basic Info Page: Parakeet
-Basic Info Page: Cockatoo
-Basic Info Page: Conure
-Basic Info Page: Cockatiel
-Basic Info Page: Eclectus
-Basic Info Page: Macaw
-Basic Info Page: Parrotlet
-Basic Info Page: Poicephalus
-Basic Info Page: Quaker

Some Special Interest will be going up before some basic info pages.

-Parrots as Support Animals - (Released on 9/2/18)
-The Right Cage Size for you and Your Parrot
-Parrots Solving Crimes in History - (Released on 9/4/18)
-Are Sleeping Cages Right for You? - (Released on 9/4/18)
-Effects of Animal Abuse on Pet Birds and How to Rehabilitate Them
-Unforeseen and Hidden Costs of Owning a Bird
-How-To Find the Right Veterinarian in a New City
-What To Do with Your Parrot if You're Going on Vacation
-Parrots Interacting with Other Pets (Article, story sub-section, memes and videos sub-section)
-Parrots Interacting with Children (Article, story sub-section, memes and videos sub-section)
-Food Comparison Suggestions, Polls and Articles
-Section for Talk about Discounts, Coupons, Sales etc.
-Is a Bird Right For You? (Author's Note: Perhaps a questionnaire here?)
-Birds to Avoid for Conservancy Reasons

More updates to follow! Especially at the start here when we're putting up a ton of information quickly.
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