Timneh African Grey Not Sleeping 12 Hrs


Staff member
Aug 20, 2018
My Timneh African grey isn't sleeping 12 hours at night. My parrotlet goes to bed every night at 7pm and will wake up 7am the next day but my african grey doesn't want to sleep. He steps up when it's time to go back in his cage for bed time but he doesn't want to get off my hand and go to bed. Even after putting him in the cage he stays up for a couple more hours. In the morning hes up about 2 hours before my parrotlet. I'm thinking about investing in a cover for the cage so that he might go to bed earlier and wake up later. He also has a tent that he can sleep in but he doesn't. Instead he sleeps while standing inside of his no mess food box. I'd like it if he used the tent my parrotlet uses which he loves but for some reason he hasn't taken to it.