How To Use the Marketplace

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Aug 20, 2018
We have launched a full marketplace where sellers can offer products for sale. Sellers can track sales and much more with our sellers dashboard.

The features of the marketplace are listed below:

-Seller dashboard
-Advanced Statistics
-Paypal acceptance
-Set quantity
-Sell on out of stock
-Seller terms and conditions
-Commission free sales and purchases (paypal charges a fee though we don't)

In order to use the marketplace you will need an account.

Please sign up for an account here.

Sellers can then proceed to the resource tab. After visiting the resource tab click the category Marketplace. From Marketplace create a new item. It's very easy from there entering basic information on what your selling, the price, your paypal email, and quantity.

After posting your products for sale you can monitor sales under the sellers dashboard under the drop down menu from the resources tab.
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